In this busy season, the company requires employees to go to the factory area on weekends to admire the cherry blossoms on both sides of the river embankment next to the company. The flowering period of cherry blossoms is not long, and in this extremely short flowering period, its beauty is unreservedly displayed. You have to hurry to enjoy the cherry blossoms, and you have to taste them as soon as possible. As food, cherry blossoms do not have much room to play. When it can be used to decorate food, cherry blossoms can add a unique spring flavor to the food. Take cherry blossom pudding as an example. Soak the washed cherry blossoms and gelatine slices in water, then melt the soaked gelatine slices in heated sugar water, squeeze an appropriate amount of lemon juice into the container, and then The cleaned cherry blossoms are placed in a container, and finally placed in the refrigerator to become a pink cherry pudding. The crystal clear pudding, the clearly visible cherry petals, and the sweet and smooth touch, it is estimated that many people have no resistance to this kind of matte and tender food. Sakura can also be made into tea, or made into cherry sauce, or it can be made into salted cherry blossoms after pickling with salt. Make a cup of sakura tea, take a salted sakura, rinse off the excess salt, add water to rinse, you can see a sakura in the tea bowl “blooming”

Post time: Mar-30-2021