On March 24, the production department carried out a comprehensive safety inspection of the entire production system. The inspection process was very different from the past. The first stop of the inspection team was not to go to the production site, but under the leadership of Duan Guangquan, first came to the overhaul workshop of the project department. When the inspection team came, just in time for the inspection team leader He Yongli to organize a meeting. After the team leader arranged the on-duty inspection tasks and made a safe confession to the inspection work, Duan Guangquan had a cordial conversation with the members of the inspection team. Duan Guangquan said The maintenance team sticks to their posts during the Spring Festival and expresses gratitude for their hard work and hard work for the company’s safe production and smooth operation.

Duan Guangquan emphasized that in work, everyone must pay attention to safety. Only with safety can the production system run smoothly, with safety can the company flourish, and with safety can each of our families be happy. From the machine repair workshop, the inspection team went to the crushing and drying workshops to conduct inspections. A total of 10 problems were found. After the inspection, the vice minister of production safety, Bi Xingmin, notified the problems at the production site and made clear The person responsible for the rectification, the deadline for the rectification, and the reviewer shall ensure that the rectification of the detected problems is implemented in place.

After the inspection, when someone asked Duan Guangquan why the first stop of the safety inspection was not to go to the production site, but to the maintenance workshop, Duan Guangquan said, “Grasping safety is essentially to grasp the safety of people. We must firmly establish a people-oriented thinking, and then advanced The safety facilities and machines in China also rely on people to operate, control, and maintain. The higher the technical content, the higher the requirements for human quality and the higher the requirements for human safety awareness. Therefore, safety production must be people-oriented, and there is no one There is no basic guarantee for safe production if we support a dedicated workforce, strong technology, and strong safety awareness.

” Safety is the primary task of production and business units, and safety must be put first. If you have 100 million yuan, then “safe” is “1″. If the “1″ is gone, will there be more zeros after that?

Post time: Mar-24-2021