In order to do a good job in all aspects of the company’s indicators, the company has decided to arrange the system for the morning meeting starting from March 5th. The specific notice is as follows:

1. Morning meeting time Company working hours: 7:35~800 2.

2. Participants Huang Mingrong Tong Yi Meng Juming Yang Yi Li Qingwei Qin Jingyan Gu Songtao Wan Shengbiao Gao Guoyu Shi Jianliang, Wang Jian, Wang Guofeng.

Those who participate in the morning meeting, please specify the work content that needs to be coordinated in the morning meeting tomorrow morning before leaving get off work every day, so as to save the morning meeting time. Please implement the above carefully and implement the leave system.

Taizhou Huangyan Yjie Plastics Co.,Ltd

7th June 2021

Post time: Jun-07-2021