On the afternoon of August 27th, “Please come to negotiate”-”How to develop high-quality Huangyan molding industry” and “Private Economic Committee Living Room” activities were held. He Yitao represented Huangyan YJIE plastics Co.,ltd to participate.

Focusing on the negotiation theme of “How to develop high-quality molding industry in Huangyan”, relevant persons in charge of the District Development and Reform Bureau, District Party Committee Talent Office and the director of the District Political Consultative Conference Office, members of the “Huangyan Private Economic Committee Living Room”, molding company representatives, research team Members and others conducted face-to-face consultations on “how to further promote Huangyan’s more molding enterprises to strengthen technological innovation and management innovation”, “how to give full play to regional industrial concentration and achieve high-quality development”, and “how to make Huangyan’s molding industry in the international situation and macro Under the severe economic situation, issues such as rising against the trend and bursting into vitality were discussed and exchanged. For some questions, relevant functional departments answered on-site.

The meeting pointed out that as the Huangyan molding industry is currently in a state of turmoil, it is urgent to solve the spatial layout, product structure, corporate structure and other issues through transformation and upgrading. It is hoped that all departments will go back with the problems, carefully study and implement them, and further propose solutions.

Post time: Oct-12-2020