1. It is necessary to understand and be familiar with the evacuation passages and safety exits of the residence in advance, and be aware of it, just in case. After a fire breaks out, you can look for an indicator light or sign to escape. Do not take the elevator to avoid power outage or loss of control.

2. When there is a fire in the room, do not panic. You can put it out immediately with a fire extinguisher or fire hydrant. At this time, you should also call out people around you to participate in the fire fighting and call the police. If the fire cannot be controlled, you should evacuate yourself immediately, and Keep the door closed when leaving to prevent smoke from entering the aisle. After escaping from the fire, stop worrying about the items left in the room and return to get them.

3. When the fire point is in another room or floor, you should touch the door handle with your hand before opening the door. If the temperature of the door lock is already high, or the smoke burrows in from the crack of the door, it means that the fire outside is already big. Don’t open the door rashly. If the temperature of the door lock is normal, or there is no smoke in the door crack, it means that the fire is still some distance away from you. At this time, you can open a door crack and observe the situation outside. When opening the door, one foot should be placed against the lower frame of the door to prevent heat waves from rushing the door open and spreading the fire. Having believed that the fire did not pose a threat to oneself, escape from the fire scene as soon as possible at this time.

Post time: Feb-08-2021