• 2020 and 2021 of China’s plastics industry

    2020 and 2021 of China’s plastics industry

    2020 is an extremely extraordinary year and will surely occupy an important page in the annals of history. Globally, the new crown virus pneumonia epidemic broke out and spread rapidly at the beginning of the year. Countries have adopted measures to lock down cities and countries, traffic interru...
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  • Research predicts a surge in demand for degradable plastics in Europe

    Research predicts a surge in demand for degradable plastics in Europe

    The German-based Nova Research Institute predicts that the consumption of biodegradable and degradable plastic products in Europe will increase by three times from 2015 to 2020. A study by this private research titled “Consumption of Biodegradable and Degradable Plastic Products in Europe&#...
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  • Protect the environment from me

    Protect the environment from me

    Since the invention of plastics, the use of plastic products has become increasingly widespread, bringing great convenience to the daily lives of the people. But at the same time, the problem of plastic pollution has become increasingly serious, and it has become a hot environmental issue of gene...
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  • Biodegradable plastic

    Biodegradable plastic

    At the beginning of 2020, the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Ecology and Environment issued the “Opinions on Further Strengthening the Treatment of Plastic Pollution”, clearly proposing the prohibition and restriction of disposable plastic products step...
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  • Meeting


            With the new round of industrial transformation, intelligent manufacturing, as an important direction of industrial transformation, is becoming the vane of global manufacturing transformation and technological innovation.         At the intelligent manufacturing sub-forum, Mr. He Yitao, g...
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  • Mould and plastic Production

    Mould and plastic Production

    The step of the mould on industrial and plastic production is in ceaseless development, now, our country already became the country that produces, use environmental protection building materials most nowadays world, the environmental protection building materials that the machine produces can sat...
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  • Weekend activities

    Weekend activities

    In this busy season, the company requires employees to go to the factory area on weekends to admire the cherry blossoms on both sides of the river embankment next to the company. The flowering period of cherry blossoms is not long, and in this extremely short flowering period, its beauty is unres...
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  • Safety in production, people-oriented

    Safety in production, people-oriented

    On March 24, the production department carried out a comprehensive safety inspection of the entire production system. The inspection process was very different from the past. The first stop of the inspection team was not to go to the production site, but under the leadership of Duan Guangquan, fi...
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  • Guarding childhood, lighting up hope, Taizhou YJIE “Starry Project” is in action

    Guarding childhood, lighting up hope, Taizhou YJIE “Starry Project” is in action

    Every child is like a star, shining with the light of hope. To guard the dream of a child is to guard the future of the whole society. Taizhou YJIE regards corporate social responsibility as the cornerstone of the company’s long-term development. In order to protect young people’s fair education ...
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  • Let’s enjoy flowers and spring together on weekends

    Let’s enjoy flowers and spring together on weekends

    The ancients wrote “Chiri rivers and mountains are beautiful, spring breeze and flowers are fragrant”, modern people write “I have a house facing the sea, and spring flowers bloom”. The sunny spring is here! The rain has stopped this weekend and the temperature has risen. ...
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  • Morning Metting

    Morning Metting

    The meeting heard a report on the progress of our company’s digital reform. The meeting pointed out that it is necessary to put digital reform at an important position of the whole company’s work this year, establish a firm orientation to strive for excellence, speed up the filling of...
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  • Fire safety tips

    Fire safety tips

    1. Use of fire should comply with regulations, The construction unit shall separate the office, life and operation areas of the construction site, and it is strictly forbidden to set up the canteen and the dormitory in the same shed. At the same time, the use of fire in living quarters should com...
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